Penguins, for me, with their human-like, upright stances and their waggish, clownish waddles, evoke creative opportunity. They are bustling invitations for my depiction and characterization. With their feathered white bellies and shiny black backs, they appear to be all dressed up in their formal tuxedos with somewhere special to go – the theater, the opera, or the ballet, perhaps. They look like politicians, like art critics – like Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Arturo Toscanini, Woody Allen; they look like just about everybody I know – and don’t know.

Penguin Patter

Penguins seem to embody wit and wisdom – so many positive human identifications. I find them to be most type-castable – to be show-time – at any time. You can just penguinate while you illustrate as I did when I populated many of my books and paintings with my jolly penguins. My Penguination collection of paintings, which look great on any wall, as a single painting or as a collection, can be viewed on my web shop.