What we perceive and understand depends upon what we are.

-Aldous Huxley


Do I see what you see? How similar are our perceptions? Interestingly, our perceptions are never entirely in the present moment but also drawn from our huge, varied range of stored, past experiences and neural activity constantly on-the-go…a vast subconscious, we do not know.

So we do not see things exactly in the same way but we do see things similarly because of our humaneness, comparable family backgrounds, and socio-political influences.Yet, there are always those uniquely individual perceptions because of our combinations of  unseen brain activities, pasts we subconsciously recall, and the immediate experiences of our present. We therefore look at and create our worlds from our individual perspectives – from our different points of view.

Our emotions affect the way we regard our worlds and even the intensity and brilliance of the colors we see. I call these emotions, our moodprints. In my Glimpsary of THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, I define moodprints as “the Glimpsibles‘ individual perceptions of brightness, influenced by emotions.” That originality of perceptions, enthusiasm, joy, love, compassion and a vast range of Glimpsible feelings, is synonymous with our human experiences.

Just as it is important to value the commonalities of our shared experiences and world views, so should we celebrate our diversity of thoughts and perceptions – as long as they are not harmful to others – for we are enriched by the abundance of our varied temperaments and by our many influences. An ability to enter other people’s life-journeys with curiosity and, also, with the desire to understand the differences of respective circumstances, will enrich our lives – and the lives of others.

Our days vary – some being more emotionally uplifting than others, and our commensurate moods – and world views – are accordingly affected. We therefore paint our individual perceptions of the sky above us with our own emotional palettes – and so do the Glimpsibles of THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE who are essentially just like us, with our varying human foibles and situations – but in fantasy-form. The world of the Glimpsibles can be any-colored – and so can our own individual worlds; it all depends on our moodprints.

Our moodprints do affect our own creative work at times, but, as I say in HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking, even when feeling vulnerable and overloaded, we should never allow the belief in what we are trying to achieve, diminish. We should always let “the joy of the work transcend the sacrifice.” Let’s all have some of Spunktaneous – a Glimpsible – in us. Let’s be as courageous and spontaneous as he is, and alter our moodprints by being joyful and by trying to change our perspectives – by looking at our world differently…


Upside down,

Inside out,

Sideways and middleways,

Under and over,

From topsy-turvy and bottoms-reversy.


Let’s look at our world from another point of view.

Look at our world as Glimpsibles do…