I’m delighted that my original painting, “Lunaberry Moths”, which is featured in my coffee table book, “The World of Glimpse”, will be on exhibit for the next two months at a remarkable forum for vitality and creativity in downtown Phoenix: The Herberger Theater & Gallery. Lunaberry Moths is also available as prints online at my Fine Art America store. The actual opening event at the Herberger, takes place this Friday – June 3rd 2022, at 6 pm. My painting is featured together with the work of twelve other artists. You are invited.

The concept (and I feel, the wisdom) informing this exhibition is embodied in the Gallery’s statement: “Our inner child is the part of our personality that still reacts and feels like a child. It shapes the way we see the world.

Indeed, we do lose something very important within ourselves if we allow – or even expect – the adult person we have become to be severed, entirely, from our childhood. The richness of fantasy is as much a prerequisite in adult life as it is in childhood and furthermore, it is an essential ingredient of creativity. Mental exploration and playfulness are essential parts of creative growth.

A companion to this exhibition is an artistic event for kids and parents which begins an hour earlier, also at the Herberger – at 5:30 pm, Friday, June 3rd. For this event, Andreya Kelly, Development Associate at the Herberger is coordinating with Nicole Berndt, Community Outreach Coordinator of another wonderful organization, “First Things First”, an agency which is committed to the healthy development of young children from birth to age 5. Kids and adults will be interacting together.

The seeds of creativity are always within the child, that barely containable curiosity, a desire to explore, to discover things and try them out, to attempt to do things differently. While kids play on their own or with friends, they create entire universes.

Those seeds of creativity are still within us. We still do have the ability to play creatively. Therefore, this Friday night at the Herberger, you will see on exhibition, art from adults who work-play: Reconnecting with Your Inner Child.


Herberger Exhibition: https://www.herbergertheater.org/directions-and-parking/