Color has been around me all my life. I have felt it and my art comes from those feeling – from my appreciation of the intensity of color and the emotionally uplifting effect their brightness radiates.

So, why is it that color, my essential fuel – carbonless, reliable, ever-renewable and naturally abundant – stokes my energy and makes me tick? Colors, with their many luminous and scintillating hues, are invigorating, restorative and exhilarating. Colors are healing. They are also mood-enhancers and much-needed antidotes to melancholy. With their contrasts, dynamism, unity, repose and tranquility, colors can complement and awaken the emotional potential that dwells within us. I choose to dwell in a world of colors. They envelope my surroundings and inform my creative output. Why not invite an abundance of color into your life as well?

The painting in my blog header image above, Zenscape Gone Wild, is available for purchase here: