Three species of elephants are living today: There is the largest living terrestrial animal, the African Bush Elephant with ears so big that they cover its shoulders. Then there are two smaller species of elephants – the African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant. For me, however, there is a fourth species of elephant very much alive today: The Elephants of My Imagination. These elephants that I have painted, though roaming freely in my fantasy worlds, are also, to some extent, rooted in reality – to my past travels to various parts of Southern Africa.

These imaginary elephants making up my “An Elephants Journeycollection available in my Original Art Gallery Shop on my website, do not journey through the brown-in-winter, grassy plains of the habitat in which I have spotted them in the past, but, instead, through Butterfly Land, through Fields of Yellow, even Through the Rainbow – through many an imaginary habitat that I will continue to create! The wonderful thing for me about fantasy, be it in my books or my paintings, is that I can live in different worlds, planets or zones together with my elephants or together with any characters I am drawn to create! Now, that is fun!

You can see my painting, An Elephant’s Journey Through Butterfly Land, in my original art online gallery.