I used to go for weeks in a state of confusion.

-Albert Einstein


There are so many intriguing creative possibilities, so much that invites your exploration.Too many options can stand in the way of deep examination. Some ideas might have occurred to you singly, others, concurrently. There will be times when you feel over-stimulated and overwhelmed by all the creative directions that whirl in your head, simultaneously. How do you choose the right way for you when you have an abundance of ideas? How do you capture the potential of just one inspirational thought?

Can you catch an idea flashing through your mind?…

Can you bounce one thought off another?

Can you bag one hundred SIMULTHOUGHTS?


It is difficult to  extricate yourself from THE HEART OF DILEMMA when you are overly-connected to ongoing stimuli and confusing creative perspectives. You might feel bombarded by the advice and admonitions of others. Yet, you really do want the time to explore your own creative substance, depth and originality. You have a need to spend more valuable time learning about yourself, being yourself and discovering what you really want to create yourself. For your creativity to thrive, it is essential to allow yourself the solitude to dig deeper?

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, said, “In America, you can be anything. In my country I have not as many opportunities given to me. Therefore I dig deeper and deeper in order to find my own life” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking). Charles De Gaulle, former military leader and president of France, once asked: “How can you govern a nation that has two hundred and forty six different kinds of cheese?” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking). And how can you govern yourself – and your own mind when you have two hundred and forty six different kinds of creative ideas swirling around in your head?

One way you might escape from THE HEART OF DILEMMA, is to trust your own hunches –  thinklink into your own color-essence (THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE) and not focus, excessively, on self-doubt – either generated by yourself or from the critical voices of others. It would be a good idea, instead, to give credence to your intuitions, capture and then shape them into your own, original created forms rather than simply follow the style of the day  – or the pathways of others. At times, though, it can be stimulating to experience the creativity of others  – and enjoyable. From time to time, you might have…

veered off in different directions and encountered…

The shade-patterning

of arching evergolds,

and the flowering


which grew along yellow


Or you might have meandered through…

ginger marigold fields,

rambled up a glistening

marmalade sand dune…

and rolled down its slope

into an apricot sea…