The changes in our lives seem to occur with ever increasing rapidity and we are often left breathless as we try to keep up with all the advancements, innovations, transformations, remodeling and permutations. Many offer opportunities and there are those that have little value, in fact can be problematic. There is just so much confusion.

What if there are many areas of creativity that attract you? Just how do you choose among the many things you are drawn to explore? First of all, I say kudus to you for, in the first place, being prepared to extend your work and creative experiences! That’s a healthy attitude for anyone to have!

Doing something new is not easy and yet your curiosity and sense of intellectual and creative adventure, transcends your immediate dismissal of a possibility. You have the capacity to be a flexible thinker and that is a huge advantage, not only in your work life and your personal life, but also in the health of your emotional being.

I enjoy following diverse as well as connecting paths because I never know where they might lead and I welcome what I learn along the way. I am a finisher, too, and seem to manage to complete what I begin and simultaneously enter new territories. As I have said before, we can – if we choose –  be more than one thing.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Part Two of my 4 part “You Can Be More Than One Thing” Series, you can continue reading the series in any order you’d like in Part One, Part Three, and Part Four.


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