Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within.

Franz Kafka 

There is a wonderful gift that resides within you – YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL!

It is your gateway into a life of joy, fun and optimism. It is an internal resource that is abundant. Once you tap into it, it will not run out  – as long as you keep experimenting and trying. The creative life is there for all to explore and it is not exclusive. There isn’t only one way of being creative but many different ways.

Find Your Way

So listen to your instincts or hunches. Follow them because they are the starting points of your creativity and by following them, you will acknowledge and respect the unique material that dwells within you. By doing so, you will also allow your gifts of creativity to take their own form. There isn’t only one recipe for creativity; there are many and here is one: HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking


One fresh Hunch
Two Cups of Intelligence
Two Cups of Talent
Three Cups of Daring
Four Cups of Expertise.

Active ingredients:
Imagination, persistence,
Commitment, purpose,
Enthusiasm, humor. 

Stir the above together and allow it to simmer for the rest of your life. Don’t forget to add a dash of luck. 

Rewire rather than Retire

I interviewed so many wonderfully creative people for my book: CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CREATIVITY. They are always in a state of rewirement and never one of retirement. They are always upping the ante. Music composer Aaron A. Kaplan, is doing just that. Since I interviewed him about eighteen months ago, he told me that he has been composing even more music, including a symphony on which he now is working. “That is my favorite thing to do,” he said.

Aaron has also opened up his recording studio to the public and to professionals as well so that they can record songs or vocals to songs they love. Musicians can record original or established music with their favorite instruments. “What is unique about my studio,” Aaron said, “is that I also offer my talent and expertise to help in the orchestration or arrangement of the songs a client wants to record.”

Collaborative Creativity

Although Aaron for the most part works on his own compositions, he is currently collaborating with Annette Tucker (whom I also interviewed for CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CREATIVITY) on a color illustrated book for children based on a song which they jointly created – THE MAGIC OF LIFE. They are using the lyrics as the basis of the book. “The song,” Aaron said, “is really about believing in yourself and your dreams. Then miracles and magic can happen…So many kids have lost or forgotten…the inner light inside of them.”

Aaron and Annette, who are both experienced and acclaimed creators in their own right, have collaborated successfully together before. They each appreciate the creativity of others and experience has shown them just how they, as independent creators, also fit into a collaboration. Annette at present is also working on songs for a movie – at least eight songs!

So for Annette and Aaron, their creativity never ends. It is all about Rewirement – Not Retirement! They, like other truly creative people, never rest on their laurels – another important ingredient of creativity; instead, they continue to explore and expand their individual and collaborative creative horizons.