In my painting, The Offering, as with much of my other art, the subject matter, the other-worldly beings, and the mood evoked, emerged as the painting developed. It’s always the same for me:

I am directed as I work simply by what appears on my canvas and I follow that mysterious route with joy. I am lead to wherever the painting wants me to go. The creative process is  a beguiling mystery to me – and I love it!

I depicted an other-worldly night scene in this painting, replete with enigmatic drama. Just what is being offered? Who are the recipients? Who is the bearer of gifts? It is all a mystery and I have no need for explanations, just for the enjoyment of combining mixed media: collage – pre-painted and precut pieces – and combining these with acrylic and metallic paint.

The black and white give a powerful intensity to this painting while the gold, silver, and bronze colors, add additional richness and a certain optimism. The effect is both bold and dramatic.

The Offering which measures 9″ x 12” is mounted on an 11″ x 14″ hand-painted canvas board. It’s ready to pop into a frame.

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