Gold, that beguiling, glittering metal, which has attracted humans seemingly forever, is prominent in this original, abstract miniature painting. I have used gold in this artwork because of its brilliance and emotive quality. I love painting miniature art plus I know that it is wonderful to receive a gift that is hand painted and ready to display.

Gold Among the Greens” makes a great addition to anybody’s home décor and a worthwhile addition to any miniature art collection. Grouped together, miniature paintings make wonderful displays. (View the other paintings created by Ellen in this shop.)

The color green, which I have also used in this painting, is a symbol of energy, fertility, new life and growth. There are so many different hues of green in our natural environment – and so many variations of green paint available today!

I painted “Gold Among The Greens” (click the link to view in my Etsy shop) with layers of acrylic paint on a canvas panel. It measures 4″ x 6″ and included, is a wooden easel stand. This is an entirely Original Art Work. Not a print, not a copy and not found in brick & mortar stores or in any other online locations. **Your painting will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

I love creating my original abstract miniatures paintings just as much as I love painting my much larger works. For both types of paintings, I create with many layers of paint and with painstaking attention to the details that I choose to emphasize. Both incorporate my intuitive feel for rhythm in art, form, and color balance. They all are original abstract, miniature works of art, hand-painted directly from my imagination.” ~ Ellen