A Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year to you all! How about including among your many New Year resolutions, actual attempts to celebrate your own ability to create? How about entering areas that intrigue you but which you have not attempted to explore before?

There is nothing static about creativity; thus, for me, I love entering new areas of exploration and am delighted at what sometimes emerges. My curiosity and knowledge about the subject continues to expand. Therefore, I have begun 2022 with an expanded Fourth Edition of Have You Ever Had a Hunch? This book now includes additional writings about creativity and the roles of imagination and fantasy. Creativity, in its many shapes and forms, enthralls me. So do the creative journeys of individual and collaborative creators who offer me the experience of both familiar and alternate creative routes.

Few professional careers are single-track today and thus, we need to be prepared for change. Most of us will have multiple careers over a lifetime and will need to recreate ourselves in many ways. It is important to be open to the new and the unexpected, as well as learn from one another other. Creativity is not exclusive; there isn’t only one way of being creative. There are many different ways.

Ever since I was a child, I have felt an anticipatory excitement before beginning something creative. Even today, my fingers still literally tingle before I start, and this sensation is usually accompanied by feelings of joy, expectation and optimism. It would be hard for me to be severed from the creative process, and certainly, depleting to be disconnected from my creative drive.

So why have I always had this ongoing need to create, and in so many diverse yet interconnected areas? And why do I enjoy encouraging others to experience the satisfaction of creativity as well?

Why do we all, as creators, have an ongoing need to create? Do you have any thoughts to share?