Thanksgiving is just a few days away and acknowledging gratitude to both yourself and to others, is healthy. Not only is it uplifting for those around you but having high levels of positivity will help you wade through difficult times – and waltz through the happier ones.

Life is not static, and you will therefore have ups and downs. What do you do about that? Only you can rewire – and refire your own thinking and embrace the gift of life you have – with joy. And always beware of those bent on draining you – even on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

PS: Warning! Avoid Daybreakers! That was the inspiration for this poem, The Daybreaker’s Song, in my latest book, There’s a Light at the End of My Muddle: Beware of individuals who are habitual spoilers! They are not fun to be around. So, ignore any negativity and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Daybreaker’s Song

Days I change for a living.
Thanksgiving to Misgiving.
April Fool to April Clever.
Valentine’s Day to…whatwhichever.

Days I change for a hoodwinking.
A weekend to a weak beginning.
Wednesdays-off to Sundays-on.
Tomorrows to days-long-gone.

Days I change for misconceiving.
A month of merry make-believing.
Groundhog’s Day to Groundhog’s Eve—
some of the deceptions, I achieve!

Days I change with quick-tricking.
Special days for your nitpicking.
January One is on standby
for Midsummer Day or the Fourth of July.

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