Be what you is, not what you ain’t,

‘Cause if you ain’t what you is,

you is what you ain’t.

-Luther D. Price


How do I know if I have something original within me to create and share? How can I know if I actually do have a spark of originality?  How can I differentiate my path, my individual coloressence, from the many competing and beckoning paths around me? When does my route become apparent to me?

Sometimes, only by entering a multitude of possibilities, can you discover just what it is that really attracts you – or, on the other hand, causes you to recoil instinctively because you have an inner knowing – an intuition –  as to what feels right to you or not. Often, only through a process of elimination – trying, testing, tailoring, integrating and incorporating some of the lessons learned during your explorations – does your own coloressence become clear to you.

“People inexorably influenced by societal expectations are alienated from self and do not have established identities. These otherselves have traveled so far from themselves that they have little understanding of their own motivations, emotions and impulses…The voices of others compete with their own, and eventually, so condition their attitudes, that they are barely capable of thinking independently.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking).

Your own creative spark awaits your discovery. It might initially hover outside  the bounds of your everyday cognition but it exists. You can feel it through your intuitive connection – albeit it fleeting – to something that presents itself to you, sometimes suddenly and quite unbidden. If you respect your hunches, those elusive, transcendent, excited feelings that stir within you, you will connect with your own creative originality – the thing that you can do and really want to pursue. The offspring of these hunches, is your creativity. Accepting the creative energy within you – your strong affinities – and permitting yourself to embrace and explore them, is your route into your own, unique coloressence.

Although outside influences are often helpful, educational and illuminating, some are competing negative forces. These need to be banished from your consciousness. Like Spunktaneous in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, you need not let them distract you from your own unique journey. Instead, embrace your own iridescent glow and thinklink into your color essence. Simultaneously, you can also enjoy experiencing the coloressence of others that …

form in front of you, brightening and deepening…


streamers of yellow,

then ribbons of red.




and violet.