We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be where we started

And know the place for the first time.

-T.S. Eliot


Creativity comes with practice; the more you do, the better you become at what you do. Creativity comes from having an affinity for what you do and from having a vision that is uniquely your own. It is about being committed to exploring and improving your own perfectability – doing your best without the need to be perfect in the eyes of others. What is perfection anyway? 

However far you wish to go creatively, however much you hope to achieve, it is important to enjoy the journey –  to love what you do.  Creative fulfillment and growth is not only about the delight in the process, but about real engagement. It is much more than mere flashes of passion; it is about sustained passion – that “emotional trigger that propels creative people to persist in an effort.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking) The creative journey involves a good deal of practice and commitmentjoy, too. That’s how you travel far while still remaining grounded.

“I will show you how to do the perfect Perpendicular, Spunktaneous, with first an angular and then a linear velocity,” Zippity said on Day Three.” (THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE) “The important thing is not only to make a speedy and lofty ascent, but also to return to the exact point of your departure. That is how you travel far while still remaining on the ground...you should always adhere to the RULES OF PERPENDICULARITY. Watch me…

Watch me,


Rise and reverse direction.

Watch me,


Perpendicular with perfection.

I always practice protocol,

always am in control.

Neither a decision nor an intent

could be perceived as negligent.