Liberated from an ideology I looked around the world I was in and found myself besieged by ideologies. Rival ideas… laying claim to the world, including myself.

-Lionel Abrahams


Listen to your creative intuitions and not to the negative voices of those bent on destroying your potentially good ideas lest they compete with their own world-views or ideologies. Guard, also, against self-doubt – those “no” voices in your head that really are the declarations of the adversarial judgment of others that have now migrated into your head, making your fragile self-confidence, yet another place for them to establish domicile. Don’t let their residency become permanent.

The insistent, discouraging clamor of naysaying people can become your inner censor that will habitually obstruct your creative freedom. You need to liberate yourself from anyone who stages a creativity-crunching siege upon your brilliantly illuminated color world of creativity. A realm of creative possibilities dwells within you, awaiting your exploration.

Our creativity thrives on positive replenishment and on the stimulation gained from novel and valuable ideas – both our own imaginative conceptions and those of others. Creative production is our dependable, restorative source of nourishment while the anger of Drooma-like individuals on the prowl for opportunities to gatecrash our positive dreams, will leave us creatively malnourished and squelched. We need to protect, constantly, our luminous creative worlds of color against negativity – against those Droomas we frequently encounter.

After all, of what use are Droomas to us? Just like Spunktaneous in THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE, we certainly don’t need to be threatened or impeded by an angry Graball, or a Grotty, Gungy, Greaspot, Grunch and Grud. We should always choose, instead, a world of glorious color, one that we have the potential to create independently. Nobody needs a Drooma in their life:

My Droops have come to take you away…

To our somber…


Litter-botched world of Sooma Sooma.

We will drain you of your green essence…

We simply are…






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