It makes sense to specialize and therefore, become proficient in a particular area, but all too often, individuals abandon their other areas of ability because they do not appear pertinent to their work. Their daily lives, affiliations, and patterns of thinking, become more and more restricted. Increasingly, the need for specialization or for an association with pre-approved ways of thinking, lead them to less connectivity. Yet, connectivity and freedom from boundaries are important elements of creativity.

So, just who am I? Who are you? Are we not all composites of many things? Thinking about the many aspects to an individual’s personality, and about authenticity, inspired me to write this poem:

There’s me the intellectual.
Me the intuitive.

Me the apoplectical.
Me the subdue-itive.

Me the truth-seeker.
Me the phony.

Me the born-leader.
Me the lonely.

Me who hogs the spotlight.
Me who’s painfully shy.

Me who is always right.

Who am I?

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