The colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas.

-Edvard Munch


Listen to your hunches and follow them into new, creative worlds illuminated by your own color-essence – that brilliant color within you – the radiance you give to your life and to the lives of others. Nobody can brighten your life – and your creative productions – in the same way that you can. So remain connected at all times to your individual color-essence – to the gift of your originality.

Creativity comes from within – not from without. You may encounter difficult and sometimes, even terrible circumstances when your everyday world appears to have lost its luminosity. Even during extremely trying times, you can recover its luster, one glowing brushstroke here and then many dabs of glitter … everywhere. By creating positivity instead of negativity, you will lead a far more fulfilled life, contributing much to society and to the world – both alone – and together with other positive people, who, too, welcome new, exciting and intriguing ideas.

Choose to be with those who welcome new ideas and always beware of dogmatic people whose narrow absolutism may dominate and crush your own inspirations and drain you of your color-essence. It is so much better to choose a life of creative exploration than one of unquestioning certitude: “Doubt is courageous; dogma is cowardly. Dogmatic people are ineffective thinkers who have limited schema upon which to draw.” (HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking) You, on the other hand, welcome the new.

Choose, also, to be with people who are generous with their creative ideas and welcome your contributions into their color worlds. Ignore covetous people who resent your bright glow. They, like dogmatic people, are color-suckers – spectroscopic parasites. They are the Drooma of THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE

Spunktaneous: Why don’t you create your own world of color?

Drooma: Too much work. No time. Plotting takes up all our attention. Anyway, we want what you have – even if we don’t need it.