It’s the Holiday Season; Thanksgiving has passed and there are more celebrations to come. Is it possible that still lingering on is that special Spirit of Gratitude, one which will continue into the next year and the next one after that? Could negativity have at last, packed up its bags and departed? Is it possible that people have become bored with listening to only their own solutions and have become, instead, more attentive listeners? Now that would be a sign of maturity!

I captured this lack of mature argumentation in a poem within my larger collection of poetry, “I Touched a Star in My Dream Last Night”, available, previously, as a paperback and an e-book, but now, also, as an audiobook. The poem and illustrations feature a dialogue – or lack of it – between Tiff and Taff. In many ways, the habitual exchange between them, represents much of the discourse we witness today. Here is the last poem of that trilogy, ending on a more positive note:

Let’s Talk About Politics

Tiff: Let’s talk about politics.
Taff: No, we always fight.
You say I’m too far left,
when you are too far right.

Tiff: Tree-hugger!
Taff: Pollution-plugger!
Tiff: Idealogue!
Taff: Demagogue!
Tiff: Smear campaigner!
Taff: Self-righteous complainer!
Tiff: Obfuscator!
Taff: Equivocator!

Tiff: Let’s not talk about politics.
Taff: We’ll never agree
to listen to each other’s views….
Tiff: Until we reach maturity.

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