Inspirational Thoughts about Creative Thinking Through the Ages

Quotes About Creativity by Ellen Palestrant
Editions:Kindle - Creative Thinking Series Book 4: $ 3.99
ISBN: 0999824740
Pages: 168
Paperback: $ 12.95
ISBN: 0999824740
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 168

BookAuthority's "41 Best Creative Thinking Books of All Time."

I have been collecting quotations for many years from a variety of creative thinkers whom I have come across in my readings. Their thoughts about their lives, their creative processes and philosophies on a wide-range of topics have served as both reinforcements to and advancements of my own thinking on creativity and related topics. I have benefited from and enjoyed my internal conversations with these profound thinkers from the past and the present. I decided therefore, to honor their individual strivings and dedication to what was and is meaningful to them in a book of their quotations about creativity.

I have learned from them and I hope you will too when you reflect on their “Observations & Penguinations”. Once again, like in my other books in my Creative Thinking Series, my cast of penguins—who have the malleability of representing human characteristics—have invited themselves into this book.

Reviews:Jill D Glenn on Amazon wrote:

Ellen Palestrant has compiled a wonderful timeless collection of quotes on creativity...from the extremely humorous to the deeply philosophical. Quotes provide that magical opportunity to explore expansive ideas and concepts that are expressed within just a few words. It is a book you can read and re-read many times over...and I highly recommend doing so with a highlighter in hand!!!!